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Useful Tips On How To Cite A Webpage In A Research Paper

Learning the ins and outs of correct citation style is integral to the process of writing a well-rounded research paper. Without proper citation, the paper is not only less reliable as a good source of information, it is also in danger of losing points on format or even getting in trouble for plagiarism. Although most incorrect citations are not grounds to accuse you of plagiarism, it is a possibility and it’s very important to cite your sources correctly. Most people learn how to cite a journal article or a book first but we often do research and find great sources online from websites so learning how to correctly cite the information from these types of sources is important.

The following are some great tips on how to properly cite a web page in your research paper:

  • Verify the writing style. Make sure you know what format and writing style you should be using. Your teacher or professor will usually specify to use MLA or APA so be sure to look up the citation style for your particular assignment because the order of the information can change depending on the style. We will be listing the APA format for citing web pages below.

  • The basic style of your citations should look like this:
    • Page w/ author: Author last name, First initial. Middle initial. (Date of publication – year/month/day). Title of document/resource or description of cited an item. Retrieved from – insert web link here.

    • Page w/o author: Document/resource/item title or description. (Date of publication – year/month/day). Retrieved from – Insert web link here.
  • Sometimes you will not find all of this information on a web page so make sure to get all the helpful information you can find that would help someone else locate this source easily if they needed to check your references or wanted to look further into your topic and argument.

As soon as you even think you’re going to use a web page to look into something for your paper, make sure to take note of it immediately. Make a list of resources, their links, the date you found it and their topic. Later on, in the writing process, you will thank yourself for it because it will be much easier to go back through the list and properly cite the sources you ended up using in the paper.