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Writing A Research Paper: A Standard Title Page Outline

One of the first sections you will complete while writing a research paper is the title page. This is one of the most important parts of the dissertation which introduces the reader to the work; it’s the page responsible for making the first impression. Thus, you should dedicate enough time to getting the outline in the correct format. Do you want a discrete outline? Do you have a set of instructions to comply? In that case, you’d better take a look at the standard page outline for this frontmatter.

Basic Outline for the Title Page

A simple format that works is the APA set of guidelines for this page. The parts on the title page are the following according to this criteria and listed in the order of appearance on the page from top to bottom:

  • Heading. This name should be placed centered at the top of the title page to present the institution and the location of the study (uppercased and lowercased, respectively).

  • Title. This heading should be placed centered on the page and uppercased.

  • Institution. You should use the official name of the institution that receives the work.

  • Advisor & Supervisor. In this line, use the full name of the professionals and the charge they hold.

  • Short description of the study. A sentence about the purpose of the study should be included in this place, such as “in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree” or similar.

  • Author. Finally, the name of the author(s) should be included in the following format:
    • BY

    • Author 1

    • Author 2

  • Date. Centered at the bottom of the page in the following format: Month, Year.

As you can appreciate, the outline of the title page in the APA format is quite simple. Any other standard outline that is popular in the academic scene is similar to this one; minor differences are implemented in each one to serve a unique purpose. In order to come up with an excellent research paper, you will need to pick a format or the whole document, the APA standard being one of the most extended in this kind of publications.

In conclusion, once you choose a format (APA, MLA, etc) you will need to implement the features on your word processing editor so as to complete the creation of the title page. After this first step, you are ready to continue adding vital information to your research paper at your discretion.