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Composing an introduction paragraph for research paper on abortion

Many people know how to compose research papers on abortion but the main challenge comes when they want to craft the introductory paragraph. This is one of the major sections of the research paper that must be kept into consideration in order to capture all the marks. In most cases, the lecturer will first look at your introduction before he or she can get drawn in to the rest of the content. However, you have an appropriate solution. Cohere to the following:

Use an interesting vocabulary

The type of vocabulary you use in your introduction will determine whether those who will read your work will get interested or not. If you are sure that you have nothing interesting to put down for your readers, simply ensure that you read as many books as possible so that you are well informed before you start writing. If the words and sentences are impressing, you can be sure that everyone will be proud of your work.

Avert from unnecessary repetition

Repeating of words and phrases in the same paragraph is highly discouraged, especially when crafting an introduction section. You have to make sure that nothing is repeated. However, if you must do it, then you have to do it smart so that it will not be boring. For instance, if you have mastered various synonyms of words, you can easily use them instead of rewriting the very same word or phrase. A lot of repetition in the paper shows the audience that you have not conducted an adequate research.

Make it original

If you copy an introduction from another resource and paste it in your work, it would have lost its value and therefore, you will be penalized for plagiarism. However, you should not be one of those students who lack what to write. If you must impress your readers, one of the things you must keep in mind is making sure that every word crafted is original.

Capture your thesis statement

Every research paper must have a central statement that carries the weight of the rest of the content. Without this statement, most of those who will skim though your work will be confused as they will not be able to tell what you are exactly talking about.