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18 Marketing Research Paper Ideas To Help You Get Started

Finding a great idea for an academic research paper on marketing can be reasonably difficult. One of the many things that you will have to understand is the relevance of the title to your realm of study. If you are on terms with this, there is every reason you get the best out of the subject. In the same context, it will be wise to establish a few ground rules about the topic you select.

The paper on marketing should always be on an impactful topic. The reason for this is you will need to understand the level of importance that has been attached to the entire process of the selection of topic. While you will like just how seamlessly this happens, there are other considerations to make as well.

18 actionable research paper topics on marketing

  1. Analysis of the basic marketing philosophy of your favorite sport brand

  2. Formulate the marketing plan for an international company that deals in sale of industrial refrigerators

  3. Consumption and the role of identity: does an aggressive marketing campaign play the same role as a breaking news story?

  4. Buyer behavior when purchasing a car: how much of difference does ambient visibility make?

  5. What should be the five basic marketing aspects of any international wrist watch brand?

  6. The financial assistance-seeking trait of individuals: how does it vary from person to person when choosing financing?

  7. What is the basic reason people choose internationally marketed brands?

  8. Brand behavior: what is the difference a great logo can make?

  9. Analyze how a major brand started down performing after a logo change

  10. What role does the color combination of a brand play in individual perception?

  11. Analyze the few important aspects that are present in every soft-drink marketing campaign

  12. What is the reason for equitable distribution of marketing shares?

  13. What is needed for marketing campaigns for televisions?

  14. What is the difference a marketing poster can make to a campaign?

  15. Identify geographical reasons for failure of marketing campaigns

  16. Look into reasons that identify marketing campaigns as part of the same strategy

  17. Is marketing just an elaborate extension of branding? Place your thoughts in progression

  18. What is the future of branding in the print media in the age of the internet?

These were some topics for a marketing paper. You may always come out with a topic that is completely fresh. This will make the paper just as special.