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10 Must-Read Tips For Writing A Research Paper Introduction

An introduction contributes to being the first paragraph of a research paper. It consists of two parts, one being a general introduction of the topic, you will be writing and the other part consists of the thesis statement. Here a few tips that help you to write an outstanding introduction for your paper:

  • Add valuable information
  • There is no specific limit to the count of words for introduction. But it is recommended that it should be kept as concise as possible and valuable information regarding the paper should be added. You should ensure at the same time that you do not miss any major points while writing the same.

  • Keep it short
  • A long introduction may be rambling and can be the reason for losing marks. Hence you should be sticking to the outline of the paper and write the introduction, in lieu of making it lengthy.

  • Define the Problem
  • You should mention clearly in the introduction part what you aim to achieve with the aid of the paper. The reader should get a clear idea about the topic, the problems in the introduction part.

  • Write it in an organized way
  • Sometimes while writing the paper, it may happen that the paper goes in a different direction slightly than you actually planned. Hence, it is paramount that you should keep going with the flow. Ensure at the same time that you should adjust the introduction in a proper way.

  • Engaging the readers
  • The primary aim of introduction is making people want to read the entire paper. Hence, your introduction should be written in an alluring way so that it can grab the attention of the readers.

  • Maintain the flow
  • Introduction happens to be the first part of your paper. It goes without saying that first impression is inevitably the last. Hence, you should maintain the right flow while writing introduction in a proper way so that examiner has the right impression on you.

  • Identify the subject area of interest clearly
  • Make sure that the introduction of the paper emphasizes primarily on the subject on which you are going to present the paper. Instead of beating round the bushes, the introduction should be focused on the particular topic.

  • Why choose the specified topic for paper
  • You should mention it in a clear way what is the reason for which you have chosen the specified topic for your research paper.

  • Emphasize on the keywords
  • As you plan to write the paper, it is a prerequisite that you should be submitting a list of keywords which will emphasize on the areas of search. This imparts a clear idea of the topic in which you are planning to write.

  • Mention the search questions
  • As you are writing the research paper, you can mention the questions you are going to address in the paper. The questions should come at the end of introduction part and should be concise.