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Creating A Simple Research Paper Outline: Helpful Advice

The next time you are assigned a research paper, the first thing you want to do is to write an outline. Go to see your teacher and find out if they want a sentence or topic form. The two forms are quite different, and you want to make sure to do exactly whaty our teacher wants you to do. There are several pieces of helpful advice you can follow as you create this importnat document.

  • Make sure that you understand the rules about capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers when creating this form. If you do not understand these things, look online or go to see your teacher to get a template that you can follow as you create your own. If it is not wirtten properly, your teacher may deduct some points if it is submitted to the teacher.

  • If your form is a topic style, you may not have more than 5 words for heading. There is no maximum amount of words for a sentence form. So instead of writing out a complete sentence such as the cat chased the dog, you would instead say something like cat chase dog.

  • This important document is like a roadmap which you follow as you write your paper. So everything that is going to be in the composition must be in this important document. You will have the introduction, the hook, the body parts, and the conclusion. You will also have all support citations placed within this form. Do not leave out anything on the document that you're going to put into your composition. It must be very detailed.

  • You will probably right a rough and a final draft. That is okay, for you want this document to be very very precise. You need to find out if you will be submitting this document, the rough or the final, to your teacher with your final composition. If it is required, and you do not submit it with the final product, you may lose some points on your final grade.

  • If you have never written one before, as you sit down to your laptop or computer to write it, you may want to use a finished product as a model for yours. You can find a finished product online, get one from your teacher, or check your textbook to see if there is one in there to use as an example. It is always a good idea to model when you do not know what you are doing.