Thoughts on our favorite format, via The Vinyl District

photo by Stephanie Bassos

Our fearless leader and frontman Matt Kerstein recently sat down and wrote a few thoughts on what is our favorite music format. The essay was posted at The Vinyl District earlier last week. Along with alluding to some of his favorite albums, Matt also offers a peek into his system for hiding all sorts of odd and ends (spoiler alert: most things ended up in Beethoven’s Second Symphony). Below are a couple quotes from the writing, but it’s a great read all the way through. Many thanks to the folks at TVD for posting.

Brighton MA: The TVD First Date

Guess there’s no real way to talk about loving a Beethoven record these days without sounding obnoxious. I used to stash all sorts of things in my vinyl collection. Beethoven’s Second Symphony was a main hiding spot. No one would ever put on the Second Symphony. Not in a million years.

“Thinking back on it now I should have had more of a system. You can’t keep everything in the Second Symphony – the vinyl packaging is big but not that big. All love letters should be kept in the Joni Mitchell Blue album…”

And maybe the more important point here…

“Putting your album out on vinyl feels to a lot of musicians like the only true closure to the horrifically rewarding experience of making an album.”


Brighton MA in the Chicago RedEye

Matt recently answered some questions for a RedEye article spotlighting our EP release show at Lincoln Hall this Thursday. It’s in the paper today, so grab a copy on your morning or afternoon commute. It features some pretty funny exchanges, excerpt below.

With a name like Brighton, MA, I’m wondering how you are with geography in general?

I’m OK.

Could you name all the state capitols?

Probably at one time I could have, but no.

Then why lie and say you’re ‘okay’ with geography?

[Laughs.] I thought maybe I could fake my way through. Maybe you and I just have a different standard. So I guess by your standards, no, I’m not very good with geography.

Read the full article at

Catching up with… us

Another story with the Red Bull tag. This one, a pretty good interview with yours truly on the history of the band, and what’s coming next.

Rock the Route: Catching Up with Brighton, MA via RedBullUSA

“Musically, there are two versions of the band that I see,” guitarist Jim Tuerk says. “One, the rock-n-rollers playing loudly [and] flying off the rails. And two, the emphatic singer-songwriter. The former is what most see at our live shows, but the latter is what all of us in the band draw from.”

That split personality of charisma and soul, as well as stellar musicianship, is what landed the indie rock juggernaut a spot on Red Bull’s Rock The Route Tour.

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Tunes on “Community”; Red Bull RTR Vids

Still coming down from the high of playing Lincoln Hall with The Sea & Cake. Anyone who saw their set knows why. What a band!

But a couple news items launching this Thursday…

First, 2 BMA tunes will be featured on the NBC show Community this Thursday night. Both Bet You Never Thought from our EP, and Eskimos from Amateur Lovers. As with most TV placements we’ve had, we’re not expecting a big feature, but tune in to hear those few seconds. Hopefully we land a Chevy Chase scene.

Also, we received word that some video of the Red Bull Rock The Route tour will be posting here tomorrow Monday Tuesday sometime. We’re really excited by the brief clips we saw on our JBTV spot (around 37:00) last week. Keep your eye over here for updates—or better yet, subscribe to our RSS.